"Hearts and Arrows" (H&A) is a style of round brilliant cut. A Hearts & Arrows cut refers to a round brilliant diamond cut to an extremely precise degree of symmetry. Due to the extreme level of cutting precision required for symmetrical patterning, Hearts and Arrows diamonds are sometimes called “super ideals” and they are extremely rare. When viewed through a special scope, H&A diamonds exhibit a pattern resembling to eight symmetrical arrows when viewed from the top (crown) and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom (pavilion). Diamonds that achieve a Hearts & Arrows cut are known for displaying exceptional fire, brilliance and scintillation.
Less than 1% of all diamonds are ideal cut and less than 0.1% display hearts and arrows.

The standard of the perfect degrees for maximum brilliance, blended with perfect degrees of the Hearts & Arrows, results in the best diamond in the world today.

It takes two to three times longer to cut a hearts and arrows precision cut diamond and requires 15% greater waste of the original diamond rough material. It is for these reasons that this diamond cut is sold at a premium and are more expensive than average/inferior cut diamonds.There are generally five main components that help to define a "Hearts and Arrows" super-ideal cut diamond. These include a diamond's:

  • Pavilion angle range: 40.2° - 41.2° (40.6° - 40.8° is optimum)
  • Crown angle range: 33.4° - 36.4° (34° - 35° is optimum)
  • Table size range: 53% To 58% (54%-57% is optimum)
  • Lower girdle halves length range: 75% To 80% (77% is optimum)
  • Star facets length range: 40% To 58% (45%-50% is optimum)

On request we can provide "Hearts & Arrows" Diamonds, from 0.50 carat.


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